Why Should My Drapery Be Cleaned and How Often?

The first reason is because of the appearance. Clean drapery makes your home look better. When you have friends over you can be confident that your drapery will look its best without any spots, spills or dust. Clean drapery shows people that you care about your home and you take pride in its appearance.

The next reason is that clean drapery just lasts longer. Dust is made up of very small particles, much smaller than a grain of sand.  These small particles settle on your draperies and eventually they will ruin your fine fabrics if left in place.  This dust permanently damages the drapery and will cause it to soil much quicker and not be easily removed. Another reason to have your drapery cleaned is to help reduce its chance of yellowing from UV rays.  We recommend a light layer of window tint in areas of direct sunlight.  This will reduce UV damage and help to keep the drapery from becoming brittle and weak.  Compare the price of drapery replacement to the price of regular cleanings and you will see the benefit in properly maintaining your drapery.

The last reason is for your health. Clean drapery is just healthier. Do you want your kids breathing in the loose dust that accumulates on a draperies surface?  Of course not. Do you have allergies? Drapery is like an air filter for your home. Through our windows dust and fine particles come into our home by outside air pressure. No windows are completely sealed. This outside air pressure pushes its way through window cracks and crevices getting caught in our draperies and landing on all other horizontal surfaces. Some of these surfaces are carpets, area rugs, upholstery, leather furniture, mattresses and tile and grout which we clean also.

4 Important Reasons to Clean Your Drapery

1. Health- Drapery cleaning removes dust, allergens and odors. Cleaning draperies will leave your indoor air clean and fresh.
2. Appearance- It just feels good when the drapery looks clean. No embarrassment if guests pop in.
3. Investment- Refresh, restore and extend the life of your expensive drapery.
4. Maintenance – Professionals recommend cleaning your drapery every 2-3 years.

What Is The Best Drapery Cleaning Method?

Choosing the proper cleaning system is important. There are several good systems to clean draperies on the market and we use many of them here at Kleenrite Carpet Care, Inc. Because there are so many different types of fibers that may be woven into your drapery, we will do an extensive dye test prior to cleaning them. This will let us know if any of the fabrics colors will migrate so no mistakes will be made during the cleaning process. We will then pick the correct method of cleaning to be used after testing your fabrics. Some systems may leave residues which accelerate re-soiling and this defeats the whole purpose of cleaning, so we DO NOT use those methods at our company. Some methods actually damage the drapery fibers and shorten the life of your draperies so again, we DO NOT use those. Then we come to the type of harsh chemicals found in some products out there and we DO NOT EVER use those. Those harsh chemicals are not safe for the draperies, the technician, or the environment so we chose to keep away from them for everyone’s safety. We have been successfully cleaning draperies for the past 15 years and you can be assured that we have acquired the proper knowledge and skills to clean every fiber we have come across to date. We are often referred and recommended by some of the most reputable interior decorators and designers in Nassau County, Suffolk County & Manhattan, NY, New York.

It takes months and sometimes years for a technician to acquire the skills of how to properly clean the valuable textiles in your home. No matter what company you choose please take the time to educate yourself.