Office Cubical Wall Cleaning

Office cubical partition walls and dividers can be cleaned quite well with the right equipment. This is a specialized job that needs the touch of a Certified Cleaning Company. We at Kleenrite have been cleaning office cubical wall dividers for many years and hold a Master Textile Cleaner Certification. Our clients always seem to be pleasantly surprised when they have this service performed at their place of business. They tell us how they never knew it could be done or dry so fast! We can remove spills, spots and odors from your office cubical partitions with our mild and safe cleaning solutions. Green cleaning solutions are available upon request. After cleaning you can choose to have us apply an application of fabric protector. This will keep your partition walls looking their best for many years to come.

Please give us a call today. We can help you to make an informed and educated decision when hiring a cubical partition wall divider cleaning company. We serve both Nassau and Suffolk Counties in Long Island, NY.

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