Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to clean my carpet?

On average, it will take approximately 25-35 minutes per room. This time can vary greatly depending on how soiled the carpet is, any necessary spot removal treatments, and carpet protector application.

Won’t water ruin my carpet?

Water can damage carpet if it is not properly extracted.  However, the method used by Kleenrite Carpet Care mounted cleaning unit & vacuum system removes 95% of the water with our specialized truck.  It’s the method that most carpet manufacturers recommend.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Drying time depends on humidity levels, airflow to the room(s) cleaned, and the type of carpet being cleaned. Turning on your air conditioning or heating system (depending on the time of year and your location) will help speed the process. If it’s a nice sunny day with low humidity the windows can be open to allow faster air flow which will speed the dry time.  While it typically takes 2-24 hours for the carpet to dry, you can walk on it as soon as we are finished because we give you specialized plastic shoe covers that you can wear over your shoes or socks.  To avoid re-soiling, limit wearing street sneakers or shoes on the carpets.

I’ve heard that cleaning my carpet makes it soil faster.  Is this true?

The problem results from residues being left in the carpet which can attract dirt. Many cleaning solutions from years ago were hard to remove from carpet fibers creating a sticky residue.  Anyone walking on those carpet fibers would cause the transfer to the carpet fibers and cause fast re-soiling issues.  The modern methods we use today rinse virtually all of the cleaning solutions out of the carpet so it will not attract dirt.  This is a common question we get almost every day, but we assure you we only use the best products & equipment available today to give you the best cleaning ever.

How long do I have to wait to let my children or pets on the carpet?

The carpet may be walked on with the plastic shoe covers we provide for Free immediately after cleaning; however, we recommend limiting activity on the carpet until it is completely dry (2-24 hours).

Will the cleaning solutions used harm my children or pets?

Our basic cleaning solution is very similar to laundry detergent. While it is both family and environmentally friendly, it is always a good idea to limit contact between the recently cleaned carpet and your children or pets.  We use a neutral ph cleaning solutions most of the time and green cleaning solutions are available upon request.

Do I need to do anything before the technician arrives?

Since every home is different and has very personal items we ask you to please remove any knick –knacks from end tables, small items such as shoes, clothing, dog toys, magazine racks from any areas we will be cleaning including stairs.  We want to be able to clean as much of each room or area as possible.  Once free from the above items please vacuum the areas slowly in both directions with a good quality vacuum that has a beater bar rotating brush on the bottom.  This will remove fine dust & debris particles and make the cleaning process come out much better.  Stairs can be vacuumed with a hand tool attachment from your vacuum cleaner.

What do we Not Do?

We do not move furniture such as pianos, electronics or wiring, china cabinets, large beds, large dressers, or dressers with mirrors, pool tables, heavy marble or stone type tables or similar pieces.  All pieces that may be moveable are at the discretion of the on-site Kleenrite technician approval.  If a piece is too big, too weak from age or filled with personal contents such as books or glassware it will not be moved.  Large items may have an additional fee to move per piece.  Just a note-most heavy soiling occurs in the main traffic lanes where we walk daily. Under pieces like beds, china cabinets etc.. have just light dust which can be removed with you r basic vacuum extension tool.  Our tools can usually get far underneath your beds because of their low profile design.

Do I have to be home while my carpet is being cleaned?

It is not necessary that you be home while your carpet is cleaned because we are thoroughly trained professionals you can trust.  We have been alone in most of our client’s homes since 1996.  We lock up properly if need be and even set alarms if you request us to.  In order to provide the best possible service, we do recommend that someone be home before we begin cleaning to discuss any specific needs or areas of concern regarding the care of your carpet.

Can I have both my area rug and the carpet it sits on cleaned at the same time?

Yes. However, the area rug cannot dry over the wet carpet. The area rug must be taken to a clean hard surface to dry. In most cases, our technicians will bring your area rug to our special in plant facility to be cleaned and deliver the rug back once it is properly cleaned.  In plant area rug cleaning includes vacuum, rug dusting, spot cleaning, washing, drying with specialized area rug drying equipment and wrapping prior to return to your home or business.

What should I do if the spots that were cleaned reappear?

Most spots that are removed from carpet do not reappear, some substances in carpet backing may wick to the surface after cleaning. If this happens, contact Kleenrite Carpet Care at 631-451-1349 as soon as possible.  We will be able to help you resolve this problem.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes.   We are happy to work with you to correct any situation that may arise. In some cases this can mean spot cleaning specific areas of concern or even completely re-cleaning the areas in question.  We’re not satisfied until you are.  Please see our guarantee for more information.

Do I have to make room in the driveway for your cleaning van?

Yes.  We do ask you to move out any vehicles that are in your driveway prior to our arrival so we can park our cleaning van as close as possible to your homes entry way.  This is needed to bring our equipment into the home easier and giving you the freedom to leave as needed.