Kleenrite Carpet Care’s Rug Spa Experience

Please use the following to get the proper education before you hire any Rug Care Professional to clean your valuable investments and family heirlooms.  Many people own rugs that they “love” because either the rug has been in their family for generations and holds a special place in their heart … or because they spent a great deal of time finding the perfect piece to showcase in their home. For many of my clients that perfect rug was located during a trip to other lands and either shipped back home or carried back by their own two hands.  We have heard many very interesting stories over the years and really enjoy them all.  We would also love to hear your story some day.  A handmade rug is a piece that a weaver spent months, or even years, to weave. Crafting their design one small hand tied knot at a time. And now that piece of art is in your home, and you want to have it cared for properly.

The problem is … you aren’t sure exactly how to take care of it so that it stays clean, looks great, and lasts for many, many years to come for future generations to enjoy as you have.  We can help you with this.

Chances are, at some time in your life you have had a rug ruined or a friend has had one ruined by someone who claimed to know how to properly clean an oriental or area rug.  Finding out that they were not as good as they claimed is disheartening.

This educational web page that we setup will guide you through the processes that should be used to clean your rugs and will educate you on these concerns. If after reading this page you have any questions about rug cleaning or care, you’re invited to call us at 631-451-1349. Kleenrite has dedicated our business to educating our clients because we feel an educated client is our best client. We’ll be happy to help you in any way that we can.  So please call us today we service Long Island, NY serving Nassau & Suffolk Counties.

Why Kleenrite Carpet Care Is The Right Choice To Care For Your Oriental, Navaho And Area Rugs

There is so much misinformation out there on area rugs, and what should and should not be done to them. We invested considerable time and expense to receive specialty training & tools from several trusted sources because we want to be sure that we are providing the best care and attention for our client’s valuable rugs.

We have attended many hands on training workshops presented by the nation’s top specialists on the care of antique and contemporary textiles and rugs. During our training we handled and viewed hundreds of rug examples, learned about rug construction, rug cleaning do’s and dont’s, and how to identify “rugs to run from” rugs that are so poorly made that they are actually un-cleanable. Most owners of these rugs have no idea that they have bought a piece that they shouldn’t have.

Kleenrite has years of experience. We have been cleaning rugs since 1995. Kleenrite Carpet Care is one of the only companies certified by the IICRC – The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification as an Area Rug Cleaning Technician in the Long Island, NY area also serving Nassau & Suffolk Counties. Our knowledge and experience will give you peace of mind that your valuable rugs will receive the best care that our industry can offer.  We also hold a Master Textile Cleaner Certification from the certification body known as the IICRC.  Our company is also a IICRC Certified Cleaning Firm.

At Kleenrite we have the training, expertise, experience and tools to properly care for you valuable floor coverings.
We can safely and effectively clean various natural fibers such as wool & cotton and also synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester and olefin.

We can clean various rug construction types and styles such as machine made tufted rugs, wilton weave and axminster woven carpets. Specialty rug constructions include braided rugs, flatweaves including dhurries & kilims, flokati rugs, hand hooked rugs, hand tufted rugs, karastan rugs, navajo rugs, needlepoint rugs, and handknotted rugs from all over the world.

We Invite You To Read About Our 12 Step Cleaning Process Offered Only At The Kleenrite Rug Spa

Regular professional cleaning prolongs the life and appearance of a valuable rug. Proper cleaning will remove embedded soils and stains, help to return the rug to its prior luster, color, and design clarity through an improvement in overall appearance and useful life of the rug.

1- First we identify and tag each rug with a water proof white Tyvek tag.

2 – Then we do a thorough pre cleaning inspection & take photos of every rug prior to cleaning.

3 -After a thorough inspection of pre-existing rug and fringe conditions and discussing the rugs particular cleaning concerns weather it be for appearance, odor removal, maintenance or full restoration we will help you decide which cleaning package and method is most appropriate for your rug.

4 – Before cleaning begins we test for colorfastness of the rug dyes.

5 – Then we pre vacuum and dust the rug to remove dry soils and fine debris caught deep in the rugs foundation.

A study done by the Eurkea Vacuum Cleaning Company revealed that a 9’x12’ rug can hold up to 87 pounds of soil without looking dirty. Most oriental rugs are made with wool fibers that naturally hide soil, this is why many old rugs still look ok. However, the dry grity soil is silently damaging your rugs foundation and face fibers.  We can remove the dry soils with a process known as Rug Dusting.

In village and tribal regions where rugs are made, the dirt and sediment is beaten out of the rug for hours using a large stick and a lot of elbow grease! This is a great way of extracting or dusting the grit out as it breaks the hard, encrusted layer of dirt found deep down in the backing of the rug.

You might have even seen your Grandma using this method when you were little. If she noticed you were watching her she would give you a big stick and say, “don’t stop beating until there is no dust coming out”.  Our approach is a bit different.

Rug Dusting

Fortunately times have changed. Kleenrite Carpet Care turns your rugs over with the fuzzy side down over a grate style surface.  Then we use a rug dusting machine that rotates & gently taps the backside of the rug. It makes over 40,000 harmonic vibrations per minute, vibrating out even the most stubborn soil and very fine sediments caught deep in the fibers & foundation of your precious rugs.  Some rugs can hold up to one pound of dirt per square foot before it will “look” dirty. Cleaning a rug with pounds of fine grit and dirt in the foundation creates mud…so dusting is an important first step to do before the wash process begins.  Not properly dusting and removing this fine soil prior to washing will cause the rug to wear faster even after it has been cleaned.  At the Rug Spa we dust almost every rug prior to the wash process unless it is to weak then it must be dusted by hand.

Look at the picture to see how much dirt is removed by our dusting machine prior to our cleaning process.

6 – Then we apply an appropriate pre cleaning treatment if necessary.

7 – We offer 2 different cleaning methods to restore your rug to a “like new” condition.

1 – Surface Cleaning- This method of cleaning can be done at our office or many times on site in your home by adjusting the cleaning temperature & pressure and by using cleaning solutions that are safe for natural fibers. By lowering our cleaning units pressure we will not over wet the rugs so there is no need to worry about damaging the floor surface under the rug.

2 – Full Immersion Wash – This method is appropriate if there are pet urine stains and odor or the rug has been damaged by smoke or a flood. Your rug is actually fully immersed or given “a bath” in our rug spa washing pit.  Some rugs can not withstand a full immersion wash and may be better suited for surface cleaning.

8- Next we extract the water from the rug spa washing pit & your rug, and then we groom the fibers and fringes to facilitate drying and restore the nap of the face fibers.

9- We can apply carpet protection to help protect your rugs from resoiling or permanent stains in the future.

10-Then we speed dry the rugs with specialized drying equipment in our drying area.  Most rugs are laid flat so dyes do not migrate.  Every rug is tested with specialized moisture meters to make sure the tightly woven foundation fibers are dry all the way through the rug.

11 – Next we do a thorough post cleaning inspection for quality assurance and if we find any areas that need further work we then apply the proper spot removers and re-clean and dry as needed.

12 – Finally we roll & wrap the rugs and secure them in brown kraft paper if needed.  This helps to protect them from resoiling until they are delivered to their final location.

We even provide you with a complimentary bottle of Kleenrite Carpet Care’s Famous Home Pro Spot Cleaner that is safe for cleaning up small spots in between professional cleanings.

How Much Does Cleaning Cost?  Get a FREE no obligation quote CLICK HERE or Call 631-451-1349

To get a quick no obligation quote click above or simply measure the width and length of your rug including fringes.  Call us at 631-451-1349 or contact us  with your rug sizes and we can give you a very close estimate over the phone. We also need to know if the rug has fringes and the rug fiber such as olefin, polyester, nylon, sisal, jute, cotton, wool etc. Typically it is on a tag on the back of the rug. You can also e-mail pictures if you feel you would like to.  When we see your rug in person, we can give you an exact price based upon your concerns and the rugs construction, fiber, condition, age and cleaning method that will be used.

Where Do You Clean Rugs, In-Plant Or On-Location?

The most through cleaning is accomplished in-plant.

We do offer a rug pick up and delivery service to and from your home. If this is your preferred method, if possible, please move any furniture off of the rug before our arrival and have the rug vacuumed.

If your rug is being surface cleaned it can be done at our facility or it may be able to be cleaned on site, right in your home. This depends on available space, which cleaning method is chosen, does it need to be dusted and if there are any special concerns from pet urine or heavily soiled fringes that need to be addressed with the proper care and drying at our facility.

Care Tips You Can Safely Use To Keep Your Valuable Rugs Looking Great For Years To Come.


Vacuuming your rugs is the BEST thing that you can do to keep your rugs in great shape in between professional cleanings. Think of all the dust that daily settles on to your hard floors … that same dust settles on your rugs and needs to be removed also, otherwise it works its way into the fibers and causes damage you cannot correct. Vacuum WITH, not against, the nap of the rug’s “fuzzy” side. The rug’s fibers are similar to your pet’s fur – you know when you are petting with the nap, and when you are not. Going “with the nap” causes less friction, its smooth all the way.
If a lot of dirt seems to be collecting on the rug – like on your entryway rugs – then turn these rugs fuzzy side down and run an upright beater bar vacuum along the back side Stay away from the fringe tassels or you’ll suck them up! This method “shakes” the dirt out of the base of the rug’s foundation, and then you can flip the rug over and vacuum away all of the dust, dirt, allergens, mold spores, bacteria, and other “unmentionables” that have been brought into your home by shoes and feet.
Entry rugs with high traffic should be vacuumed at least twice a week. Rugs with moderate traffic should be vacuumed weekly. Even rugs in areas with no traffic will still have dust settling on them daily, so attend to them bi weekly. A consistent vacuuming routine will help keep your rugs cleaner and healthier longer.

We at Kleenrite Carpet Care hope that this information helps you to understand a bit more about area rug cleaning, care and our area rug services.  We hope that when the time comes you will choose us to care for your family treasures.  If you have any further questions please call us at 631-451-1349 or contact us through this website