About the owner:

MikeWebMichael Schmitt is the owner and operator of Kleenrite Carpet Care, Inc. Michael has built up his company over the past 25 years with hard work and dedication to the families and businesses in which he serves. Michael strives for excellence on every job that he encounters. He has learned much of his business practices through certification classes that he has attended over the past 25 years. The classes he has been certified in accompanied with his hands on work in his daily cleaning company bring a high level of expertise to the work Kleenrite does every day. Every class that Michael has taken is a certification class which tests his knowledge of each subject before being certified in that specific area. Michael has achieved the level of a Certified Master Textile Cleaner in 2005 through the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) programs. The classes give his company the edge when working on textiles in your home or business. Michael is able to face many difficult situations with the necessary skills and tools needed to complete even the most challenging of daily problems. He hopes that when you choose a cleaner for your home or business that you will pick an IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner. Please always look for the IICRC green and white logo before choosing a cleaner in your area.

Kleenrite Carpet Care, Inc. is also a Certified IICRC Cleaning Firm which is only offered to the companies that have a Master Certified Textile Cleaner in the company. Please select a company that holds an IICRC Certified Firm Status and display the IICRC Certified Firm Logo.